Neck/Shoulder Pain

I have been suffering severe pain neck and right shoulder pain. I’ve had unexplained pressure sensations radiate into my right arm, and unrelenting headaches. If that was not enough, I’ve also been experiencing right hip pain and tingling into my right foot.
These symptoms were ruining my life! I had low energy, I was always in a bad mood, and I couldn’t perform my normal daily activities. It started getting to the point where additional stress compromised everything that I did at work and negatively affected my home life.
This really worried me. I consulted with my general practitioner and a neurologist. A battery of tests were performed including an MRI, CAT scan, and bone scan. Through the toil of that whole process, I was diagnosed with a “benign lesion artifact.” There was nothing immediate that the medical community could do about it. They suggested that, “I just live with it.”

I didn’t like that answer.

I decided to consult with the doctors here at Sullivan Chiropractic for another opinion knowing that my husband has found favorable results here. Astonishingly enough, after one week of care I began to feel better! The headaches were less, the tension in my neck and shoulders have eased, and overall, I was feeling like myself again.
After three weeks of chiropractic treatment with Active Release Technique, I was feeling about 80% better all over! My neck, shoulder, and arm have been doing great, as were the lower back, hip and foot. I’m able to participate in normal activities now without having that terrifying feeling that the symptoms will severely flare up. Actually, I just recently completed a weekend-long, 780 mile motorcycle ride without feeling residual pain, spasms, pressure, or tingling! Now, that was truly amazing!
I would DEFINITELY recommend family and friends to Sullivan Chiropractic.
I’m so thankful that my Chiropractic doctor went through extra schooling to learn about the advanced soft tissue treatment, Active Release Technique. I am grateful Dr. Joe took the time and looked beyond what the medical doctors wouldn’t bother glancing over.

Thanks for helping me live my life again!


Jennifer F.

(Sullivan Chiropractic patient since May 2010)