Jaw Pain

I’ve had a “trick jaw” for years that would snap, lock, and prevent me from opening my mouth completely. I used extreme caution when yawning, sleeping, and eating in public, as I feared my jaw would lock up. There were plenty of times when I was unable to finish a meal because my jaw locked up and the pain prevented me from finishing my meal.
When I first had jaw issues, I consulted my dentist who surprisingly was not as involved in my care. I didn’t see my internist, because I had huge doubts as to how he could help me. This was very disappointing. I almost accepted the condition as a fact of life….almost.
However, after consulting with Drs. Sullivan and Jaime, I learned that chiropractic intervention could help align my irritated jaw. What a novel concept! Who would have ever thought of consulting a chiropractor for jaw problems?
I began an aggressive treatment in early February and I was awestruck. The results I received after beginning treatment with Drs. Sullivan and Jaime were amazing! After several visits and after learning my exercises, my jaw improved!
I highly recommend Drs. Sullivan and Jaime to anyone and everyone I can! They are true professionals! The staff is highly pleasant and professional as well! Everyone in the office has a great sense of humor and pride in their work; it is a true model of efficiency and expertise, complimented by people who are great and awesome!

Thanks again for the wonderful job!


Thomas M.

(Sullivan Chiropractic patient since February 2010)